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Find What You Need In Us.

The Elite Expirence 

What we provide 

At Carroll Elite Enterprises, we specialize in assisting property owners with solutions to rental issues. We also provide property for rehab services.

Do you need rehab/fix and flip?

Are you seeking temporary/ short term housing as a traveling professional?

Let us assist in finding a new tenant, create short term rental property or fix/ remodel the property to prepare for sale.

We also partner with companies to assist with corporate housing for professionals who travel regularly.

We also take great pride in providing a high-level of personalized services to sellers, companies , property owners and renters.


Contact us for a consultation regarding your property and your needs!

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Find What You Need In Us.

Interior Design 

All homes require an update at some point in time, whether you're upgrading the cabinets or installing brand new light fixtures; We believe that the best and most successful projects are created with masterful planning and a comprehensive approach to each new project. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Short Term Rentals

Our Goal is to alleviate the pressure of possible home/ property loss. We want to assist traveling  professionals on their journey. Our team goes above and beyond to cater to each specific owners needs. Through communication and exceptional service, we will work to create a solution for all of your short term rental needs.

Temporary Corporate Housing

We work to ensure traveling professionals have fully furnished living spaces while they are traveling and performing their professional duties. From Nurses to Fracking Personnel, we'll have your housing needs covered!


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